Crane Operators Who Move The Moon

by the author and the illustrator

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released 17 September 2013

Cliff Mills - Bass
Ian Dobyns - Drums
Josh Legler - Guitar
Zack Hames - Guitar / Vocals

Recorded, mixed, and produced by The Author and The Illustrator
Artwork by Dustin Williams



all rights reserved


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the author and the illustrator Kansas City, Missouri

Indie Rock from Kansas City, Missouri.



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Track Name: Fear
Do you know what fear is
When you're buried beneath your feet
and no one can hear anything
Do you even care about anyone that would reach out their hands to your safety.
Do you know what life is
When you root inside your head
the only one who makes you feel
Create a perfect home
Dig up a perfect Hole
Track Name: Home State
We're not the same
You have made too many choices
That we agree have made you what you are
Today we left our home state
and have things really gotten better?
Or are we lying, to change the former you.

We're changing up, We took it out again.

So what's the shame in not being what you wanted?
Do you believe anyone's keeping score?
What happened to my friends?
they have changed and so Have I
I'm no different than you.
Track Name: Light
Perfectly spaced accidents
that don't allow progress,
do I take the blame?
Or let you slip
This darkness is real and acts like a switch,
a light that doesn't light, a switch that doesn't switch.
Forgiveness won't come if I choose to leave,
but sometimes that's comforting to know you'd make a choice.
Your tiny fists smack against my skin,
what did I do here? How could I have missed that,
Every small mistake I've made, adds up to your breaking.
I think i'll lose control just like you want me to,
what feeling exists in me? You don't seem to see a thing,
my whole body burned up; and I threw the chair against the wall and you stayed silent, so silent, so silent, so silent.

You're my Little Ghost.
Track Name: 4
When you're this thin,
all it takes is a small breath
to see through this hollow skin that I've stained.
if you see them again, will you let them know
"I'm never comin' back, I'm never coming back to you."

If God is just the same as I wish I was,
then I'll dress my wounds to fit the part you saw.
As if anything would change, and I would not forget all your names.
What would you say? What would say to that?

With what little worth I've earned, I'll cling to comfort soon.

Every dream I've broke
Destroyed by my meek hands
I've lost my own control
Now you know
what it's like to be
when you've lost all control.
Track Name: Cloth
We are healing wounds
Stretching skin to skin
revealing the red
so no one can see this mess that I've made.

This is how it seems, to break it off again.
Pull the center pin, and watch it fall around you again.
This won't hurt a bit.
I don't choose to live.

Bury your old fears, wrap them in cloth
Don't let me escape it will only make it worse in the
End is coming closer, oh God I've gotten this far
why stop now, because
We are all dead, Covered in grass we've got the dirt above our heads and we're screaming out,
Do I bury myself to grow, or am I only buried to die?

We laid the curses on ourselves,
Taken from blood we wrote off as lost.
What we've become, cost us so much, just wait until it scars.